Contact Information

Phone Numbers:
Office: 704-664-2582 
Cafeteria: 704-664-5365 
Prime Time: 704-660-0921
Fax: 704-660-1642
Calling the School:
Students may not receive direct phone calls during school hours. Students will not be called to the phones. Parents may call the office and leave a message for students.  Teachers will not be interrupted during the instructional day to receive phone calls unless prearranged through the office.  The office telephone is a business phone and should be used by pupils, with teacher permission, for emergencies only. 
Visiting the School: 
Parents are encouraged to visit the classrooms. A prior appointment for an extended visit is encouraged. Please stop by the office before going to a classroom. Visitors receive a special nametag so that they may be properly welcomed and recognized by students and staff. The teacher will not be able to conference with parents or visitors during the school day. Teachers may be available for conferences before and after school; their schedules will vary. Pre-arranged conferences and calls can be held during the school day if the teacher has a duty free period.