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Enhancements are on a weekly rotation, including 2 PE classes per week.  The Media Center has a completely flexible schedule this year.  Teachers will sign up to bring their students to the media center for research and various projects or studies throughout the school year, as well as for whole class check out opportunities.  Kinder and first grade class have a scheduled time weekly when the whole class is accompanied by the teacher assistant to the media center for lessons, stories and book check out.  Students in grades 2-5 are allowed to visit the media center at almost any time and use our open checkout system to get a new library book as their teacher allows, with the exception of when the media center is locked due to a lack of available supervision.
Click each teacher's underlined name to visit their webpage.
Art:  Stephanie Lineberry
Media:  Marcia Edwards
Music:  Julie Baur
PE: Scott Brown